9. Disclaimer and Call for Help

Well, that's the lot of it. Hopefully at least some of the information contained within this document has been remotely accurate and I sincerely hope there aren't any glaring errors. Well, sure, there always are.

So, let this be a warning to you! I'm sorry if any inaccuracies contained herein have caused you any grief, but you just can't hold me accountable. See, I don't stand behind a single word of this document, legally speaking. The whole thing could be completely and utterly wrong!

But it's probably not. After all, I've spent many many hours messing with this stuff, and implemented several TCP/IP network utilities at work, have written multiplayer game engines, and so on. But I'm not the sockets god; I'm just some guy.

By the way, if anyone has any constructive (or destructive) criticism about this document, please send mail to and I'll try to make an effort to set the record straight.

In case you're wondering why I did this, well, I did it for the money. Ha! No, really, I did it because a lot of people have asked me socket-related questions and when I tell them I've been thinking about putting together a socket page, they say, "Cool!" Besides, I feel that all this hard-earned knowledge is going to waste if I can't share it with others. The web just happens to be the perfect vehicle. I encourage others to provide similar information whenever possible.

Enough of this--back to coding! ;-)