7. More References

You've come this far, and now you're screaming for more! Where else can you go to learn more about all this stuff?

7.1. man Pages

Try the following man pages, for starters:

7.2. Books

For old-school actual hold-it-in-your-hand pulp paper books, try some of the following excellent guides. Note the prominent Amazon.com logo. What all this shameless commercialism means is that I basically get a kickback (Amazon.com store credit, actually) for selling these books through this guide. So if you're going to order one of these books anyway, why not send me a special thank you by starting your spree from one of the links, below.

Besides, more books for me might ultimately lead to more guides for you. ;-)

In Association with Amazon.com

Unix Network Programming, volumes 1-2 by W. Richard Stevens. Published by Prentice Hall. ISBNs for volumes 1-2: 013490012X, 0130810819.

Internetworking with TCP/IP, volumes I-III by Douglas E. Comer and David L. Stevens. Published by Prentice Hall. ISBNs for volumes I, II, and III: 0130183806, 0139738436, 0138487146.

TCP/IP Illustrated, volumes 1-3 by W. Richard Stevens and Gary R. Wright. Published by Addison Wesley. ISBNs for volumes 1, 2, and 3: 0201633469, 020163354X, 0201634953.

TCP/IP Network Administration by Craig Hunt. Published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. ISBN 1565923227.

Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment by W. Richard Stevens. Published by Addison Wesley. ISBN 0201563177.

Using C on the UNIX System by David A. Curry. Published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. ISBN 0937175234. Out of print.

7.3. Web References

On the web:

BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer (has other great Unix system programming info, too!)

The Unix Socket FAQ

Client-Server Computing

Intro to TCP/IP (gopher)

Internet Protocol Frequently Asked Questions

The Winsock FAQ

7.4. RFCs

RFCs--the real dirt:

RFC-768--The User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

RFC-791--The Internet Protocol (IP)

RFC-793--The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

RFC-854--The Telnet Protocol

RFC-951--The Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP)

RFC-1350--The Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)